Watching Spencer Grow

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ute's in Texas

Go Utes! Me and Joseph watched the Utah v. BYU game at Deliman's Grill with some people from our ward, I believe we were the only Ute fans there, oh well. I think we did a good job rooting anyhow. It was tied 17-17 when we walked in. We were pulled right in, of course. I knew Utah's offense struggles at times, so I was a little nervous when that happened. Utah's defense really stepped up tonight, with all those turnovers , whew. I almost felt bad for BYU, but then I remembered last year, and those feelings left quickly and I knew it was high time for Utah's victory. They deserve BCS with their 12-0 record! We ate some famous Stubb's sandwich and fries and enjoyed the silence from all the BYU fans, as they lowered their heads over and over.:) Even Spencer got into it, although, he got very tired very quickly and I didn't think he was going to make it to the end. His daddy held him on his shoulders on occasion to keep him happy, but poor Spencer couldn't hardly hold his head up. He would rest it on his daddy's head, while on his shoulders it was very pitiful, yet very cute. I hope he sleeps really good tonight our lil' Ute fan! I took some pics of the boys, and Spencer in his p.j.-Ute look.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tired, exhausted, worn out, beat, pooped, done in, absolutely ready to crash!

I love my boys, I do. But, I'm exhausted! It's only Tuesday! I want to already label this as the worst week, and I haven't even seen what Wednesday has to offer... frankly, I don't want to see Wednesday. I always hear that phrase, "when at the bottom, there is only one direction from there, and that is up!" I sure hope so. I don't know what it is this week, its like bad luck, or my brain is so fried that I can't think straight. I'm forgetting things left and right. Things I usually am very on top of. I'm not blaming the boys for all my absentmindedness and fatigue, but they sure do expect me to have 3 brains working simultaneously. So, I guess I am.:) Joseph has been studying for months for his graduate school test. I am home all day with Spencer, but when Joseph comes home I have to have dinner ready, so he can utilize as much time as possible for taking his practice tests. So, for the rest of the night I am feeding Spencer, bathing him, cleaning house, all while trying to be quiet. I've been tending Spencer on my own for a little while, and Spencer is not making any part of this temporary situation easier! He is just all over the place. I didn't know child proofing meant quarantining your child and making sure there is no escape. The only plus is that he will take his naps on time and go to bed on time and with no problem. The catch is it has to be his own bed, no where else. So, if I am even a little late on getting back home from an errand, he goes ballistic. Then, I just say goodbye to that nap, cause he's too tired to go down, and I'd rather him play then scream! This has been the case these past few days. Now, I want to scream:)
Well, there's only one thing I can do, and that is HOPE, hope that tomorrow I will be able to grab a hold of my nerves, and hope that I can think a little clearer and hope I can finish all errands before nap time. Hope. Maybe a little prayer to go with it too. Sorry, if you are still reading me venting out. A mother needs it time and again. I'm looking forward to December, when Joseph takes his test, FINALLY, and I can go back to having another parent. It'll be worth it in the end, I just hope I can endure 'til then:)

Monday, November 10, 2008

8 Months....and still alive!

Yay, we made it this far. There are days I wonder how this kid has survived this long:) I am feeling very accomplished when Joseph comes home and I am able to show him Spencer is still around for one more day. It's becoming quite the challenge to keep this kid out of trouble, he is crawling and making chaos too fast for me to catch up with him. I am starting to understand more and more why people buy playpens and exersaucers, none of which we have. I keep talking about it, but I'm too exhausted chasing him around to even remember to go to the store. I wouldn't change anything about him though. He is such a ball of sunshine. He really knows how to make mommy and daddy smile. His personality is really starting show through, he is very particular about things. He knows what he wants, and how he wants it. Anything but, and its not acceptable:) He is very much like his mom in the way he day dreams and gazes. He will sit in front of our window and just look outside and watch birds fly and the trees branches sway for like 20 minutes. It's definitely a nice break for me! He melts me when he gives me his snuggles. He will take his forehead and just rub it on my cheek or anywhere on my face that feels soft to him. I'm his comfort blankie, but daddy is his human toy! He loves to to just climb all over him. He loves to steal his glasses and yank his ears. I think daddy makes him giggle the hardest, and its great when he does! We're so blessed to have this little man in our lives. We're just falling more in love with him everyday.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

More excuses to dress him up..

The Cousins
The Dutson family

Spencer really loves his Uncle Mike
Aisha loves chocolate!

Daddy and Tigger
Cute Tigger face:)

We went trick-or-treating with our nieces, Emma and Aisha, on Halloween. We basically wanted one more excuse to dress him up in his cute tigger costume.:) We also went to the Harvest Carnival for our ward, in which he got face-painted his complete "Tigger" look! I know we are pretty bias, but I have to say he is the cutest Tigger I have ever seen. We are definitely having fun with him!