Watching Spencer Grow

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

It's officially official

After extensive comparison, Baylor still came out on top, so we are officially going to Baylor this coming Fall. Woohoo. We're very excited and We know Joseph will do really well! We feel very blessed.:)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Back to our knees...

Well, it looks like we're gonna have to get back on our knees and try again. We were really planning on going to Baylor this summer, about 99% sure actually, but after all the quick prep we couldn't find a place to live. We didn't realize how limiting Waco was. So, now we're a little confused as to what to do next. We felt that God was happy with our decision to go Baylor, but with all that has happened this past week, we feel like God is now sending us a different signal and putting a big red STOP sign in front of our faces. We don't know if its timing or just not the best choice. So, we're getting back on our knees and doing a lot of praying and waiting for answers. Also more researching of the other schools we've been accepted to, and trying again to see where Heavenly Father would like us to go. It could still be Baylor this Fall, but for now we feel we should just pray and be prepared if God has another path for us.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bottom of the List

I was looking through our friends blogs and noticed that our blog is at the bottom of everyone's list, and I was thinking that was a weird coincidence. Then I noticed why... It's in recent update order. Which means I have abandoned our blog for too long. So, in attempt to see our blog at the top of everyone's list, I will update! Let's see, We have celebrated Birthday #2 for Spencer, and Easter, and big life changes coming for our family.

I will begin with his birthday. Spencer turned 2 on March 10th. I didn't want a big birthday bash or anything, since he tends to have anxiety with a lot of people, so being the considerate mom that I am, I decided to keep it to just family this time around. Well, I guess I didn't consider the fact that I have a LOT of family around here. He has 5 cousins that live here and 7 Aunt and Uncles nearby. He thought that was still too much. So, we ended up having tears at the end of his birthday anyway, but I think he enjoyed it for the most part, mainly the fact that he got to just run around with his cousins. I don't have a lot of pics to put up of the party. My camera told me I had 3 bars of battery left, but it really meant it was dead. So, my sister took all the pictures and I'll have to get them from her later.

We did Easter here in Dallas with all my family in town. I was really excited for Easter this year with Spencer. He's a year older and understands simple directions a little better, so I thought he might actually get into this time around. Last year he would pick up the egg and throw it like a football,or would put them in the basketball hoop.(For some reason he thought they were sports balls.) This year, he was a little smarter and he would pick up the plastic egg, open it up to get the candy out, then ate the candy, and then would put the egg in the basket. We let him do that little procedure for about 4 eggs to which he then decided to ditch the basket altogether and just proceed to open eggs and eat the candy inside. We decided this wasn't quite the year either. Maybe next year he'll have more patience to gather his eggs THEN eat the candy later and more sparingly.:)

Our other big news is that Joseph is finally going to Law School! We've decided to attend Baylor Law School in Waco, they awarded Joseph a Full tuition scholarship and we feel like he could really succeed there and reach the goals we have for our little family and after prayer feel like this is where the Lord really wants us. We've requested to attend a quarter early and go in the summer. Which means we'll be leaving Dallas, our home for the last 5 years, in just 3 weeks! I'll be very sad to leave Dallas and family, but we'll only be less than two hours away and be able to visit lots of weekends, especially me, since Joseph I'm sure will be very busy with his studies. We're headed towards big changes and very anxious to begin!:)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spencer's new Fort/Pirate ship/Climber/Boys Club/Mommy's lifesaver

I've wanted to get Spencer a climber for a while, but they were expensive brand new. I couldn't find one on Craigslist that was any better of a deal "used" or had not been outside (I didn’t want it too dirty since it would be in his room for those rainy days when he can't go to the park) Well, we found a deal we just couldn't turn down, and even though it was an outside toy we thought it would be worth the trouble getting it ready for indoors, for a third of the price buying it brand new! Our Brother-in-law Lane let us borrow his truck to retrieve it. On they way back from picking it up, I got this brilliant idea that instead of washing each piece manually at home we should take it to one of those do-it-yourself car washes. We used the power spray and it got ALL the grime off the climber. It was a HUGE time saver. I felt pretty genius for thinking of it!:) It's as good as new. I took one good wipe down to disinfect it when we got home, and it was ready for the little “monkey” to climb. Our lives haven't been the same since. All he wants to do is climb it! When he was bored, he would beg me to let him watch a movie. Now, he takes random toys to the top of his fort and just plays for hours, yes you read that correctly HOURS. I love it! No more entertaining, no more tantrums over movies not being watched, no more whining boredom on rainy days! His cousins come over and play with him on it. It makes me smile from ear to ear, to know that his cousin Jake who is 4 yrs old thinks its awesome, that gives me hope that Spencer won't outgrow it in a month.:)

So, now that I’ve cured his boredom of being inside on those wet and cold last winter days, I just need to figure out what to do now that He’s decided to climb out of the crib! Ah, a mother’s mission is never complete!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Jumping back on the wagon...

Well, I think our leave of absence has been long enough. If you notice the moment Spencer was showing signs of walking, I've disappeared off the face of the earth, that's no coincidence.:) Spencer turned out to be far more active than I had ever imagined he would be. I love him, his daddy loves him, but the poor lady who has to stand next to me in line at the grocery store, correction, anywhere in the store, the family sitting in the pew in front of our family at church, the people sitting next to us at story time, just don't seem to have that same love for my lovely child. I'm sorry did I say "lovely?" I meant LOUD child! I feel sorry for him, I do, the poor boy catches a horrible disease that if he sits for more than 3 seconds in one place, he just might explode. Don't you just feel sorry for him? DON'T. Feel sorry for us instead.:) Well, its not all bad, he really is a sweet kid, and we love to watch him climb! If there is anything our little boy can do, it's to climb. That is why parks are our best friend! The park truly is the cure for Spencer's "horrible disease!" I am so grateful that we live in Texas and that its 80 degrees in November!So, to catch up I'll put some photos up of Spencer during Halloween and just the recent snap shots that we were able to capture of him doing his thing.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

No time..

I don't think I am ever going to be able to have time to post anything on this blog. I think I have started about a trillion posts, but haven't been able to find time to wait for pictures to upload. I would do it now, except I am so tired for having to wrestle a one year old at church and I have work tomorrow and its almost 1 am... I'm getting a little nostalgic for time, oh how I miss you!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Coming soon...

I realized that I haven't posted anything for a while on our blog. I've been pretty tied up with Spencer and just the everyday craziness of our lives. I will have a following post of pictures of Spencer, my camera is not charged, so you'll just have to wait for those. I know some of you (especially the grandmas:) are ready for another dose of Spencer's cuteness, so I'll try to post them real soon!
I'm a little overdue, especially since he has hit a lot of his milestones recently. First, he has finally had his first teeth come in, that's teeth not tooth. We have had some restless nights in the past weeks trying to comfort Spencer as he tries to endure cutting 4 teeth all at once. That is no easy accomplishment! So, alas, our nights are once more quiet... as for the day, that brings us to his second milestone! Spencer is walking EVERYWHERE! I don't know what got into him, he has for a while just taken a few steps here and there if he knows he's definitely gonna make it, (for example to me or daddy and his favorite, going between the corners of the couches back and forth) He had decided to graduate from us and to explore how far he really can go, now resulting in bruises spreading across his forehead-- he didn't quite make it to the TV stand in time.:) Fortunately though, he only explores at home. Spencer for some reason won't do it at church or while we're at someones home. He's not quite ready for that adventure I guess. He wants to just stick the TV stands and coffee tables he knows.:) Either way, he is just plain into everything!
As for other changes that are going on in our family, Joseph has finally bought a new HD television, (just in time for the Superbowl:) He is really enjoying his new upgrade, when I say upgrade, it could possibly be the biggest understatement yet, bye-bye tube! As for me, I have been called to be the Beehives advisor at my church, for those of you who don't know what that is, it basically means I teach the 12-13 year old girls at my church every Sunday, and get to play with them on Wednesday nights. I'm a little nervous, but anxious too, I know I'll just love them all instantly!
That's what's going on in the Dutson home, I'll try to post pictures soon of Spencer walking and his pearly baby whites.