Watching Spencer Grow

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Tigger at the Arboretum

Spencer is Tigger for his first Halloween. My sweet sister Shawna lent the costume to me, and who can pass up a free costume?! We went to the Arboretum with his playmates from playgroup. We wanted to get some cute pics at the Arboretum with the pumpkins and flowers with their cute costumes on. Spencer actually did very well for his first time wearing it, he didn't fuss over the hoodie at all; Although, he didn't seem all that excited either. He just kinda sat there the whole time, and just let his droopy cheeks droop. Its okay, I love those cheeks. He's cute in any emotion, even the lack of:)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Family, Friends and Fun in Utah

Joseph and I were able to go to Utah this past weekend, it definitely wasn't long enough, we wish we could have stayed a little longer, it's always hard to leave family and friends that you don't get to see very often.
We first stayed with Joseph's father and step-mother in Alpine. It was much cooler than we were used to down here in Texas. Joseph's Dad loves to take pictures, especially of his children (I've just recently learned:) The Autumn trees were perfect for picture taking, and he definitely got really cute ones of little Spencer ( of course, he is cute no matter what camera you use:)
While we were with Joseph's Dad and Step-mom they took us to the U of U bookstore so that we could get some Utah t-shirts. Joseph really needed a new one, and Spencer and I are adopted fans. Now with our t-shirts Spencer and I are now official Ute fans! We are a University of Utah Family:) Go Utes!
We were only able to spend one day with Joseph's dad and step-mom and we headed out to Logan the next day to share the day with one of my best friends Lissa, who was finally getting married to Bryce Mumford, and I was one of her bridesmaids. It was a beautiful sealing. She looked absolutely gorgeous and just glowing with happiness. It was also good to see some old friends from Missouri that I hadn't seen for a long while. We were really honored that Bryce and Lissa had invited us to their wedding and to spend their special day with them, and it was very memorable.
The next day we spent with Joseph's mom and siblings.... one word, FUN! Joseph's mom was kind enough to take all the children to Lagoon! It was my first experience to go to Lagoon, while Joseph was able to reminisce the old days of going there. We rode tons of rides, of which my favorite was just doing Bumper Cars with the sibs. Joseph has a very fun family, I think their children keep them young at heart:) Speaking of the nieces and nephews, we just got a new one that came just last week, Leah. She is Joseph's older Brother Lee and Marsha's 5th. She was so beautiful and petite. I'm sad we don't live closer:( We also had a barbecue at Lee and Marsha's at which we got Lee to take the pic of us in our Utah shirts. We then went back to Lagoon to play some more with the nieces and nephews and came back late that night to Joe's moms to play some Rock Band with our newest Brother-in-law Kent. We hadn't really got to hang out with him and Jenny since they were married. We were really glad to be with them, they are a lot of fun.
The next day we visited with Grandma Parrish and Joseph's old friend Jeremy. We had a big breakfast and a little too much fun dissecting a bee at the kitchen table:) After our wonderful breakfast and chatting we then had to go back home. :( We miss them already.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Going, Going...Gone!

Spencer is exactly 7 months today and is growing way too fast for our liking. I can't believe how much he has grown and has changed our lives for the better. He never has had a boring day, he could not wait to get around the house. For Spencer, being not able to reach his toys was never an option. Once he got the hang of crawling, he was off!:) It's now a forever game of hide and seek, unfortunately he is always winning at this game.:) Joseph finally took some video of Spencer crawling, sorry the quality isn't all that good. Also, excuse his diaper only apparel:)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

"...Eyes, Ears, Mouth and Nose"

Joseph and I noticed last night that Spencer had some green gunk inside of his eyes, just thought it was an eye infection and planned on waiting until morning before calling the doctor about it, since it costs us $10 for every after hour phone call we make. After we put him down for the night, Spencer woke up in hysterics every 15-20 minutes, this occurred all night, He eventually ended up in our bed, which we have never done before, but it was much easier than getting out of bed every 20 minutes, til' about 5 am this morning! Joseph and I were exhausted to say the least. Joseph made an appointment with the doctor early morning, but I didn't think we needed to go, because of course now his eye didn't have discharge and he wasn't crying as often. I didn't want to see the doctor, just for her to tell me he's okay... I've already done this several times. Well, when Spencer and I arrived at the doctors office, he started crying again, there was build-up in his eye, and I was sure glad I went. The doctor said it looked like he had a cold in his nose, which he passed to his eye, which drained into his ears and caused two ear infections and he also has two eye infections. Yep, our very first ear infection! Let me tell ya, its super fun;) So, we're stuck at home for the next few days, which he will probably just use that time to hone his crawling skills:) That's another post though, once I get pictures or/and video I'll put them up. That's way more exciting to see than a crusty-faced kid:)

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Making a Mountain Out of a Mole Hill

I had my nieces Emma and Aisha over for lunch the other day. I pulled out a pop-up tent that I keep just for them, because I know Aisha loves to play house with it. They wanted Spencer to come inside and play with them,which was tight, since it was very small, but it was very cute anyhow. It was then that I got a crazy idea! The kid that I am inside decided the tent wasn't good enough, we'd have to make a fort! They tried to help with the blankets while I basically set it up with the chairs and our couches. It was actually very fun, and reminded me a lot of when I used to build them in my living room with my siblings. Building forts as a kid is the "awesomest." Plus, its super fun to tear down when you are finished. I didn't get a picture of us doing that, I wish I would have, but I was too busy helping the girls knock it down! I can't wait til' Spencer grows up and wants to make forts in our living room of his own!:)

The three of them inside the small pop-up tent
The huge fort taking up my whole living room!

The girls thought forts were only for boys, so they called it their castle, which makes sense, after all they are Princesses:)