Watching Spencer Grow

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Spencer's new Fort/Pirate ship/Climber/Boys Club/Mommy's lifesaver

I've wanted to get Spencer a climber for a while, but they were expensive brand new. I couldn't find one on Craigslist that was any better of a deal "used" or had not been outside (I didn’t want it too dirty since it would be in his room for those rainy days when he can't go to the park) Well, we found a deal we just couldn't turn down, and even though it was an outside toy we thought it would be worth the trouble getting it ready for indoors, for a third of the price buying it brand new! Our Brother-in-law Lane let us borrow his truck to retrieve it. On they way back from picking it up, I got this brilliant idea that instead of washing each piece manually at home we should take it to one of those do-it-yourself car washes. We used the power spray and it got ALL the grime off the climber. It was a HUGE time saver. I felt pretty genius for thinking of it!:) It's as good as new. I took one good wipe down to disinfect it when we got home, and it was ready for the little “monkey” to climb. Our lives haven't been the same since. All he wants to do is climb it! When he was bored, he would beg me to let him watch a movie. Now, he takes random toys to the top of his fort and just plays for hours, yes you read that correctly HOURS. I love it! No more entertaining, no more tantrums over movies not being watched, no more whining boredom on rainy days! His cousins come over and play with him on it. It makes me smile from ear to ear, to know that his cousin Jake who is 4 yrs old thinks its awesome, that gives me hope that Spencer won't outgrow it in a month.:)

So, now that I’ve cured his boredom of being inside on those wet and cold last winter days, I just need to figure out what to do now that He’s decided to climb out of the crib! Ah, a mother’s mission is never complete!


Jennifer said...

Wow can we come play at your house? That's awesome!!!

Samuel and Camille said...

Wow, Spencer is getting so big. You are going to have a two year old soon... CRAZY. Hope all is well!

Audra Laney said...

You're back! :) Love the new fort! I was thinking of getting one for Drew for his 2nd birthday, and I think your post just sealed the deal. Although with the way Drew acts, I think he'd rather have a miniature house complete with lifelike appliances!

Lissa @ MyThriftyTreasures said...

Seriously what a life saver! Not just for rainy days, but days that are too darn hot in Dallas. You have to call me as soon as you find out where you're going for law school so Bryce can apply for a job there!!!!

Joseph said...

I'd just like to point out that it was I who advocated the spray washing. A certain wife of mine thought it would be okay to just 'wash it by hand'. It would have taken HOURS. I'd be lying though if I said that using a car wash was my idea--I was just thinking about using a garden hose.

All hail the fort/pirate ship/boys club/mommy's lifesaver! Things are now semi-sane at our home.

Lindsey Walker said...

I just found your blog!! How are you doing? Feel like I haven't seen you in forever. We need to get together again some time.